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Subject: Thank you!
(8 januari 2022)

Thank you so much for assembling this collection of Dutch songs!

I was searching for the German song 'Himmel und Erde müssen vergehn / Aber die Musici (3x) / Bleiben bestehn'.

Here I found the Dutch version 'Hemel en aarde'. I suspect this was borrowed from the German.

Thanks again, William.


Subject: Nostalgia
(11 oktober 2021)

Dear Rozemarijn,

Fantastic that you put the English translation of 'Trees heeft een Canadees' online. The nostalgia of my mother's songs comes to life again for me!!

Fine website! Kind regards,


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Subject: Interesting website
(12 mei 2021)

Hello Rozemarijn,

Very interesting website - great work you have done. It's put together very well.

This certainly is a major contribution to Dutch songs history. And a great addition to our digital collections.

I'll post a link on our website.

Met vriendelijke groeten uit Australië,

(Dutch Australian Cultural Centre).

Subject: Dutch song about a fairytale forest
(14 maart 2021)

Dear Rozemarijn,

I'm searching for a Dutch children's song about a magic forest or fairytale forest, the residence of the king of the elves or fairies blah blah and his queen blah blah. I forgot their names etc., although I remember the sound /u/ (/oe/ in Dutch).

It was all very fairy-like, wondrous and mysterious. I remember the melody very clearly, but not the words, only very vague.

I'n 67 years old now and emigrated to Canada when I was 29. My parents stayed in the Netherlands and have passed away for quite some time now. I'm an only child, so I have nobody who might remember this.

It would be so marvellous to find the lyrics again...

Much thanks in advance!

Ellen (Canada).

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Subject: Songwriter of the song 'Daar bij die molen'
(12 november 2020)

Dear Rosemary,

I was pleasantly surprised when I found your website and I enjoyed browsing through it. Thank for all the work you put into this tho share with us.

In fact I was trying to find the songwriter of the song 'Daar bij die molen'. Do you happen know his name and who owns the copyright of this song?

I hope to hear from you! Kindest regards,


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Subject: Dutch song about a wagon
(2 mei 2020)


My Dad sang a little dutch song or rhyme to us as children. He told us it was about a fella who had a wagon and had to haul wood. The tune "sounded like" this to me, I speak only English. The R, was a rolling R.

Ritamatic zat op en wagen
Ritamatic een hauten lager
Ritamtic een lingly slow
Ritamatic een stokje doh

Have you heard of anything like this? I would like the Dutch and English translation.

Thank you,


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Subject: Horsey horsey song in Dutch
(22 februari 2020)


Hopefully this gets through to you. My mother was from Antwerp. She would sing songs to my children and now they want to sing them to their children.

There is one song in particular which I hope you can help me with. It was a bit similar to 'Horsey horsey' in english.

Op op op mijn parcher
Messen vosser starcher
Messen copra vootche
Parcher an mijn zoetcher
Op op op op op op
Parcher en gallop (x2)

Does this seem familiar? Hope you can help, thank you,

Frank (England).

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Subject: Thanks for your site!
(12 december 2019)

Hello Rosemary,

Your site is a cultural treasure itself, a most educational initiative enriching our cultural horizons beyond borders!

The folk and classic sections are so rich and varied, it will take me years to go through them :-)

Greetings from Brazil.  Dank u veel!

Jo Alex.

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Subject: Children's song from Antwerp
(10 november 2019)


My mother was from Antwerp. She would sing songs to my children and now I am a grandfather, they want to sing them to their children.

Unfortunately I can only count, swear and recite rhymes with a very limited amount of Dutch! I am 67 now and was born in England.

The song I'm searching for was sung with hands extended upwards and began "handches drias" and ended "cooken backen vis".

Does this seem familiar? I can remember the tune.

Hope you can help, thank you,


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Subject: Copyright old Dutch song
(1 september 2019)

Dear Rosemary,

I enjoyed browsing through your website of Dutch songs. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of the world.

I have written a WWII memoir as seen through the eyes of a young girl in Hengelo, Overijssel, the Netherlands. My family lived there until 1953.

In my book, I have included the song 'Het vogelsnestje'. Do I need to get permission to translate this song into English and have it printed in my book for commercial purposes? How do you find the copyright owners to such an old song?

Establishing who owns the copyright to old photos and songs is a sisyphean task and I feel like a sleuth looking for a needle in a haystack...

Looking forward to your reply, kindest regards,

Johanna (Ottawa, Canada).

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Subject: Dutch lullaby about Toby
(21 juni 2019)

Hello Rozemarijn,

I have just spent quite a while on your website and I enjoyed reading the many lovely Dutch songs for children. I am a Beppe and I so enjoy learning about by Dutch ancestry to pass on to my precious Dutch grandchildren.

I have a question, Rozemarijn, that perhaps you can help me with. This is a story that comes from my family:

In 1930 my great-grandfather Teunis (who came to America from South Holland, The Netherlands in the 1897) sang a lullaby to his sick grandson - singing the word "Toby" "Toby" along with other words over and over. This little boy was then called Toby all of his life.

I have searched and searched for a Dutch lullaby named Toby and I could find nothing. Any information you might know would be so appreciated.

Thank you for the work that you have done in your website..!

Most sincerely,


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Subject: Song Dutch grandmother sang
(23 januari 2019)


I am trying to locate the words to a song that my Dutch grandmother sang to me when I was very young, approximately 44 years ago. I am unsure if it was considered a lullaby or if it was something else and none of the remaining family remembers it.

It sounded like:

'Cal ya da, cal ya da, strawcha'.

It also mentioned 'opa and opoe too'.

I have no idea what the words were or the meaning, I only remember the sound of the phrases. The above is the best I could spell the words phonetically.

Any help or insight you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Heather (Arizona).

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Subject: Grandson
(10 september 2018)

Hi everybody,

I really enjoy your website with children's songs and I'll keep enjoying it with my grandson for a long time.

My compliments for everything I read and heard. With the kindest regards,

Ronald and Joey (6 months).

Subject: Dutch children's song about horseriding
(25 april 2018)

Dear Rosemary,

I am one of eleven siblings. We are trying to find the words to a Dutch nursery rhyme my Grandfather would sing to each of us when we were little. He would sit, cross his legs, place us on his ankle, and hold our hands. He would then raise and lower his lower leg "riding" us in an up-and-down fashion while reciting...

Yea - ah - patch - a - mick - an - draw
Mor - gen - is - a - soon - day
A - dun - da - ring - and - a hare
Und - a - met - ta - boom - da - clare
Un - don - koms - da - ack - kush - man
x x x x x x x x x x
Yee - a, yee - a, yee - a.

While raising his leg higher and higher, making us fly off his outstretched foot. Please help with the translation.
I am sure you got a kick out of reading this.


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Subject: Song about soldiers and song about a bird
(22 december 2017)


I have searched your site for two old Dutch songs my grandmother taught me. One I still remember about a soldier who slipped in the rain and the pots and pans were out collecting, rain bc the roof was leaking. Do you know the name of this song? It sounds like this:

'It raichen, it raichen, dee punaches vor a noot / Tuns cum ein soldachen, hie feile up sa chut'.

The other I can't remember all the words in Dutch, but I do remember the tune. It is about a small bird that lands on a window sill when it is cold outside and the mother lets it inside and feeds it sugar and breadcrumbs. It goes something like this:

'Vogel sie klein tick up die room, tick tick tick / Let meiter in, Let meiter in'.

My grandmother has been gone a long time. She immigrated to America via Ellis Island around 1911. She was born in 1891. I no longer remember any Dutch except these two songs she taught me. Thanks for your help.


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Subject: The scouts song 'Ging gang goolie'
(15 november 2017)

Hey Rosemary,

My name is Jessie and I'm researching the melody of a popular Australian Indigenous song. I believe the melody was adapted from the song 'Ging gang goolie', possible when the scouts were introduced in the 1920's to 1930's.

The lyrics are in Indigenous language, but the melody (particularly the second half) are similar to 'Ging gang goolie'. I now see at your website and the below link that melody travels further back to Europe, possibly mid 19th century.

I'd love to have you check out the attached melody and get your opinion. I'd also like to make contact with Ingemar and Lars, who comment in your guestbook as well.

Let me know what you think? Thank you!


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Subject: Song about a grinding stone
(5 oktober 2017)

Good morning,

I am looking for the words to a Dutch song that my late husband taught me many years ago. It's one he learned as a boy growing up in Holland (his name was Frans van D--).

It's about a little man who goes from door to door to sharpen the knives of the frau. The kids all come to watch because they like the spinning of the sharpening wheel. I can phonetically type the words I remember. This may or may not help.

"Compt frenden enden ronda who ick von schlypers wheel / Der cost ver dent for frau and kint, Sloan bloat hestelt for veer and vent / Ter lera tum ter la / Von linksome recksome ... mein a skein, dor eck veron ah mein skein."

Then you make the sound of the wheel spinning.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely, Lynette.

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Subject: Very useful
(7 september 2017)


Fantastic and very good website!

I'm organizing a Dutch children's day in Australia en the translations of our Dutch children's songs are very useful for me. Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,


Subject: Using your translations on the radio
(9 maart 2017)

Dear Rozemarijn,

We want to set up a radio station for English speaking scientific employees in the region of Eindhoven. We like to pay some attention to the Dutch language, for example fragments of Dutch songs with an English translation.

I mean in spoken form, during the radio broadcasting (we won't publish the translation on our website or in print). We can refer to your website, so if the listener is interested in the entire song, he can look at your website.

My question is if we can use your translations during our radio broadcastings.

With kind regards,

Jean Paul (radio4brainport).

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Subject: Song about Belgium
(27 november 2016)


I was delighted to come across your section Dutch Songs with translation on while trying to work out the attitude which Het Goede Doel had towards België. Fortunately they did not, it seems, fall back on the old Dutch stereotype of the Belgians.

In my youth the British used to have the same sort of contempt for the Irish, mercifully long-since vanished due to 'political correctness' and the 'Irish troubles'.

I will make sure is linked from where I am always very active and always interested in the contributions from our Dutch members.

Best wishes, Julian.

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Subject: Searching for songbook or cd
(3 oktober 2016)

Hallo Rozemarijn,

I was born in Indonesia in 1939, live in Canada since I was 16, on an island in British Columbia. Now I'm 77 I finally became grandfather of a granddaughter. She will be 2 next month and I wanted to give her a Dutch songbook with well-known old folk songs.

I came across your nice website, but I don't suppose you sell any book compilations? Am I correct? I have a Paypal account.

If so, can you give me an adress where I can order a songbook?

Much appreciated, Jan.

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Subject: Great new site!
(1 september 2016)

I see you expanded your website this summer with hundreds of Dutch children's songs, folk songs and pop songs/chansons with English translations. Great! The website became unbelievable complete in this way.

The songs are well arranged, it's easy to navigate through the whole website. I realise it must have been a lot of work.

My compliments!


Subject: Learning Dutch in South-Africa
(28 juli 2016)

Goede middag,

Mijn hartelijke dank voor deze heel leuke site met zoveel kinderliedjes, ben blij dat ik hem ontdekte, alle lof voor de moeite die U heeft gedaan dit zo samen te stellen.

Grote hulp om mijn kleinkinderen Nederlandse liedjes, daardoor ook Nederlands èn muziek te leren lezen, op een voor hen heel leuke manier.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Marjoke, Zuid Afrika.

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Subject: Wooden horse
(17 juni 2015)

I am enjoying this website. What a vast library you have. I was looking for something in particular I'd like to ask you about.

A friend of mine learned a dutch children's song that sounds very much like 'Rije rije rije in een wagentje'. But it was about a wooden pony that children ride and something about the nail in its tail.

Does this ring a bell? I'm trying to find it as a surprise for her 60th birthday.

Thank you for any help you might have.


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Subject: Nonsense songs
(26 april 2015)

Hello Rozemarijn,

I read with great pleasure about the Dutch nonsense song "In Pompeii pudineii pudinaska" on your web (from 2014). I also read the comments in your guestbook (from 2012) about "Belgian Congo song".

It is an interesting song that according to our research seems to belong to one family of gibberish songs. We have already published an article in the Swedish "Noterat" (a folklore music magazine). And will eventually and hopefully publish again on the most recent foundings.

We would be interested if you would have any information on the above song family going back to around and before the turn of the 19th century.

Best regards,


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Subject: Tulips
(14 april 2015)

Can you tell me please: is the tune "Tulips from Amsterdam" still under copyright?

I posted a movie I took myself, of my wonderful day spent at Keukenhof gardens, accompanied by that tune, onto FaceBook and they deleted it but gave no reason.

Do I then presume it must be still under copyright?

Evelyn (New Zealand).

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Subject: Lullaby about Holland
(8 februari 2015)

Good morning!

I am looking for the source and full words of a song my mother sang to me:

Far over the waters so blue and so deep
The little Dutch children are going to sleep

Are you familiar with this - can you help me? Thank you! I want to sing it to my grandchildren but cannot find the full song.


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Subject: 17th century lullaby
(4 january 2015)


I write to you from the United States. I was hoping you could tell me how old the song 'Maantje tuurt, maantje gluurt' is? Is it one of the oldest Dutch children's songs? Are there any songs that are even older?

I am writing a book that contains historical sections in New Netherlands in the 17th century.

Thank you in advance for your help! Best wishes,


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Subject: Dutch children's songs and Dutch folk songs for person with dementia
(11 december 2014)

Hello from California!

I have a favor to request. I was appointed to act as attorney for an elderly woman with dementia. I would like to improve this situation.

This elderly woman grew up in Holland for her first 18 years. Now she is in her 90's.

We have a very new trend here in California to give dementia patients headphones and play them music to increase their happiness and bring back happy memories. I want to find some Dutch music that might give my client a moment of joy.

I would like to know where I can find recordings of music in the Dutch language, possibly children's singing of traditional songs.

Do you have any ideas for me?

Sincerely, Margaret.

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Subject: Dutch celebration song
(21 september 2014)

Dear Rozemarijn,

Bergen County in New Jersey, USA, is celebrating its 350th Anniversary in October. Since the county founded by Dutch settlers, we are looking for an appropriate Dutch song that would be sung by a teen-aged female at the gala celebration.

Can you recommend an appropriate song and let me know how I might find the sheet music for it?

Thank you. Sincerely,

Toni (Bergen County, New Jersey).

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Subject: Dutch birthday song
(18 augustus 2014)

Hi Rozemarijn,

I am teaching a lesson on Holland this year and am so pleased to find the research devoted to your website. Not only have I found songs I learned while living as an exchange student years ago in Leiden, I am learning new songs to share. Thank you for taking the time to record the tunes. I am adding your site as a link for parents to listen to tunes I teach in class.

I found 'Lang zal hij leven' under the royal blue birthday side bar of your English site; however, now it is gone. I see it on the Dutch site and printed the song from there. I could have sworn I found it there earlier this week but there are only 3 there today.

Please advise,

Lynne (Dallas, Texas).

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Subject: Dutch medieval song about a thief
(12 juni 2014)

Hallo Rozemarijn

Leuke website!

Ik ben op zoek naar een middeleeuwse nederlandse lied over een dief die naar zijn geliefde praat voordat hij naar de galg gaat. Ik denk dat hij zegt iets over galg vogels. Ken je het liedje?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Maureen (Illinois, USA).

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Subject: Song about a cat and a mouse
(8 juni 2014)


My mother was Dutch (and now so are some of my siblings, but that is another story). In the nursery, she used to sing songs to me and my sister and brothers.

One of the songs she used to sing began:
        "Puss, puss, puss, waar ben je nou?
        De muis is in de kuchen!"

That's all I can remember of it, except that it ended:
        "Puss, puss, mou, mou!"

Do you know this song? Is it part of a larger song? Now that my mother is gone (to hemel), I'd really like to remember the old songs.

Thank you for your site, by the way... I've found several of our old nursery songs here!


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Subject: Dutch nonsense song
(4 maart 2014)


I'm looking for the origins of a nonsense song my mother (born in 1924) sang to her children. It was "pretend" Chinese so has no real spelling, just the Dutch concept of what Chinese would have sounded like. My rendition is phoenetic and probably in English to make things even more difficult.

In Pompeii pudineii pudinaska
In Pompeii in Pompeii
miniminimachang quin quan quroum
quo quo quo

and more of the same nonesense.

Any ideas?


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Subject: Dutch children's song about a lantern
(25 december 2013)

Good morning,

I am trying to find the name, words, and hopefully a video of a song that one of my alzheimers residents sings. Something about a lantern.

What I can remember sounds like "dasa mista scanor elder sayo saught". This is only one of the lines, and I hope it's enough to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you for your time!


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Subject: Children's song around 1800
(30 augustus 2012)

Good evening,

my name is Antonio and I'm making a study on behalf of an Italian writer, about lullabies in Netherlands. To be more precise, I'm looking for a Dutch lullaby datable back to about 1790-1850, but unfortunately I don't speak a word of Dutch.

During my study I ran up against 'Hop Marjannake'; it's not properly a lullaby, but I tought a mum could had sang this song as a lullaby. Could you please give me any suggestion about it?

Thank you very much.

Best regards, Antonio.

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Subject: Dutch children's song about chickens
(18 juli 2012)

Hello there,

Thank you for the songs on your webpage.

I am trying to find the correct words to a song that my mother - who was a Dutchie raised in Indonesia sang to my son when he was a baby 30 years ago.

Its about chickens who lost their rooster - they called for him - and then he came back. It starts:
'Die soete lieve kippetjes verloren ens ?? haan'.

Sorry, I can't really write Dutch as I only learned it aurally. Anyhow, if you can help, I'd love the correct words.

Kind regards, Maggie.

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Subject: Belgian song about Marjanneke
(11 juli 2012)


My grandmother recites what I thought was an old Belgian nursery rhyme/song, but from my research may be an old Dutch nursery rhyme/song. It starts out 'Hop Marjanneke, sosa panika' and at some point says 'where is my muther, where is my father, where is my sister and my bruther'. I do not know how to spell most of this, but you may get the idea.

Her version seems to be different than your version of 'Hop Marjanneke'. Have you heard of this version and could you tell me all of the words in Dutch and what they translate to in English?

My grandmother is very old and could no longer tell me this information herself. It seems to be one of the only things that she remembers nowadays!

Thank you for your help!


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Subject: Dutch song about the Black Sea
(20 december 2011)

What an amazing site! I am looking for a song I learned in school more than 30 years ago. We were studying the Netherlands, and our teacher taught us to sing a song in both Dutch and English. I remember snippets of the song to this day, but I don't remember everything, and I probably have some words wrong after all these years. This is what I remember of the Dutch, spelled as best I can:

Fe, Fe ...? / Zwemmin in de Zwarte Zee? / Nee, Meneer ... / De Zwarte Ze is blauw.

Thank you for your website!

Kate (the United States).

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Subject: Belgian Congo song
(30 oktober 2011)


I am looking for some help to find a song that I heard from a record as a young child. My father (Dutch) told me that it was a nonsense song - with very little meaning. It was the easiest song for me to learn and has stayed in my head till now. Wow, now I am almost 50. I can only explain it as I heard it phonetically. I would love to find a translation of the song or perhaps an mp3 of someone singing it.

It sounds like:
Hi delewi da la wootshava samoa samoa (repeat)
Keek a dack oh deek kelsai kiawo kiawo congo way
O Nicodemo, O Nicodemo, O Nicodemo kilachewai
Congo Congo Congo (several times)
(at the end) Hoi

If would greatly appreciate any information you might have about this song. I am so sorry for the silly way I may have written it - I certainly don't mean any disrespect for the language or the culture, just enjoying learning more of my history.

Joyce (Canada).

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Subject: Songs to learn Dutch
(29 augustus 2011)

Dear Rozemarijn,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rininta Nugroho from Indonesia. I'm currently starting my master's studies at TU Delft in Engineering. We are currently in the middle of introduction week and part of the task is to make a plan that will help us to adapt to the culture and situation here in the Netherlands (as most of us are international students).

My group and I are interested to make our project about starting to learn the Dutch language through children's songs. Could you help us to provide some information about which 2-3 songs would be the most common to learn in school? Which songs are the most educative about the Dutch ways or culture and which songs are intended to help Dutch children learn vocabulary?

As we are on tight deadline, it would be much appreciated if you could reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

Kind regards, Rininta.

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Subject: Children's song about a horse
(27 juli 2011)

Good Day:

I am looking for the lyrics of a song that my mother used to sing to me, that I sing and "lalala" to my grandchildren.

I know the first verse (for the most part) and only parts of the other two verses: (please excuse the spelling)

Een karre Paard, een karre paard.
Dat shokt zo rustig and bedaard
Van shok shok shok

een rij paard een rij paard
Zo vroolijk and blij...
Van hop hop hop
Van hop hop hop
Van hop hop hop

Een ren paard een ren paard

Can you please direct me to the words to this song. The kids love it but it would be nice if I could sing th real words, and pass them on to my grands.

Thank you,

Marinus (Canada).

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Subject: Old Dutch folk song about a bird
(24 juli 2011)


I am looking to identify an old Dutch song my grandmother used to sing as a girl 80+ years ago.

From what I remember, the song was about a bird that visited a child away at school with a question or message from the boy's parents and asked for a reply. I will try to spell how it sounds:

Dat ou darlig out lasa, wat ou answer moot?
leva vogel, ik dank ou
branga ou met a grou

Do you know which Dutch song this could be?

Most Sincerely, Tracy.

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Subject: Hearing Dutch nursery rhymes again
(12 mei 2011)

I love your site! I would love to hear these sung in Dutch to the music.

My grandmother, Johanna Pieters, came to the USA in 1925 with lots of Dutch songs, especially children's nursery rhymes. She died in 1990 and I never asked her to write down the songs. I know some of them (not very well) but I could not find them on your site.

I wish I could write them here but I only know them orally. Anyway, you see my problem. If you could steer me in the right direction I would be grateful. I hope you will continue to add songs to your site.

Sincerely, Johanna.

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Subject: Tremendous!
(16 februari 2011)

Beste Marijke / Rozemarijn

Wij wonen in Canada maar door cd's en een muzikale familie houden wij veel van muziek. Ik kwam deze site tegen toen ik op zoek was naar wat kinderliedjes. Ik vindt het geweldig om hier naar te kijken. Jullie heben zo veel versjes dat ik het gewoon niet op kan. Ten minste heb ik nou een plek waar ik kan kijken als ik woorden van een versje zoek!

Hartelijk bedankt voor deze site. Gods zegen toegewenst.

Groeten van Katriena (Canada).

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Subject: Marvellous!
(30 juni 2010)

What a marvellous website.

I'm in China preparing English lesson for young children. It's great that I don't have to translate the songs of my childhood myself and that I can give them something of the Dutch culture!

Thanks! Oda.

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Subject: Sheet music of Dutch Folk Songs
(14 juni 2009)


I am a harper who is looking for 3 or 4 Dutch folk songs to learn on the harp.

In browsing through your wonderful website, I found some melodies in the children's music section, but not in the folk songs section.

Is it possible for you to send me the melody line of a few folk songs? I would like them to be well-known by most Dutch people.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Sincerely, Judith (Maryland, USA).

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