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  Dutch pop songs, ballads, chansons

  Dutch pop songs, ballads, chansons
  Albert de Booy - Trees and her Canadian   (1900-1940)
  Bert van Dongen - Next to that windmill
  Bob Scholte - Sprinkle a litte sun
  Frans van Schaik - Our ship-boy
  Heintje Davids - Because I love you really much
  Jean-Louis Pisuisse - Dare to live, people
  Joseph Schmidt - I love you, Holland
  Kees Pruis - Mariandel
  Lou Bandy - Enjoy life at all times
  Lou Bandy - Plunge in sunshine
  Louis Davids - A boattrip on the Rhine
  Louis Davids - In the Jordaan
  Max van Praag - When the bell of Arnemuiden
  Nelly Verschuur - Deep in my heart
  Willy Derby - On the Grebbeberg
  Willy Derby - Two lovely blue eyes
  Willy Derby - White roses
  Willy Walden - When on the Leidseplein
  Cocktail Trio - Honky-tonk   (50's)
  Corry Brokken - Like those days
  De Chico's - When the campfire burns at night
  De Selvera's - The stage coach
  Donald Jones - But most of all I would like
  Dorus - Two clothes moths are living
  Eddy Christiani - Hoe je heette dat ben ik vergeten
  Frits Rademacher - Loeënde klokke
  Herman Emmink - Tulips from Amsterdam
  Johnny Jordaan - In our own Jordaan
  Johnny Jordaan - My choice is Amsterdam
  Jules de Corte - I would like to know the reason
  Peter Koelewijn - Get off that roof top
  Rijk de Gooijer - From the top of the Dom tower
  Sylvain Poons - Ballad of the Southern Sea
  Teddy Scholten - Een beetje
  Toon Hermans - Like a balloon
  Toon Hermans - Méditerranée
  Willy Alberti - At the foot of the Western Tower
  Wim Sonneveld - Marjolijne
  Boudewijn de Groot - Testament   (60's)
  Boudewijn de Groot - Drowned butterfly
  Boudewijn de Groot - Eva
  Boudewijn de Groot - Prikkebeen
  Conny Stuart - What's the weather today in The Hague
  Hetty Blok en Leen Jongewaard - My granddad
  Herman van Veen - Circles
  Herman van Veen - Long lasting love
  Jacques Brel - My flat low land
  Johnny Hoes - Oh no, I should have stayed home with my mother
  Leen Jongewaard en Wim Sonneveld - In a carriage
  Leen Jongewaard - At a lovely Whitsunday
  Lenny Kuhr - The troubadour
  Liesbeth List - Don't abandon me
  Ramses Shaffy - Sammy
  Rudi Carrell - It's such a luck
  Toon Hermans - Twenty-seven roses
  Willeke Alberti - Mirror image
  Willy Alberti - To see a smiling child
  Wim Sonneveld - To the canals of Amsterdam
  Wim Sonneveld - The village
  André Hazes - The kite   (70's)
  Conny Vandenbos - A rose, my dear Rosy
  Corry en de Rekels - It's too late for you to cry
  Corry Konings - I get a special and unusual feeling
  Drs. P - Death ride (The troika)
  Father Abraham - The little cafe at the harbour
  Frans Halsema - Kees
  Frans Halsema - For her
  Gerard Cox - Summertime once again is ending
  Henk Wijngaard - With my truck blazing flames
  Jan Boezeroen - Vondel was good
  Nico Haak - Foxy Foxtrot
  Normaal - Crazy fast
  Oh Sixteen Oh Seven - In Brabant life always is pleasant and good
  Ramses Shaffy - Let me
  Ramses Shaffy - Sing, fight, cry, pray
  Rita Hovink - Leave me alone
  Rob de Nijs - Jan Klaassen the trumpeter
  Ronnie Tober - Splash and paddle
  Saskia & Serge - It are little things that matter most
  Teach-In - Dinge dong
  Theo Diepenbrock - Oh darling, when we are together
  Willeke Alberti - Every time
  André Hazes - A little in love   (80's)
  André Hazes - Give me your fears
  BB Band - Silent Willie
  Benny Neyman - Why do I still whisper your name
  Bloem - I will quickly ask my mother
  Bonnie St. Claire - Bonnie, come you play outside
  Danny de Munk - I'm feeling so goddamn alone
  Doe Maar - 32 Years old
  Doe Maar - The bomb
  Drukwerk - Hey Amsterdam
  Ede Staal - The Hogeland
  Ede Staal - The times have often been so dark
  Frank Boeijen - Tell me please it is not true
  Hans de Booij - Annabel
  Harry Klorkestein - Oh, oh, The Hague
  Herman van Veen - Anne
  Herman van Veen - Radio 3
  Het Goede Doel - Belgium
  Het Klein Orkest - Over the wall
  Normaal - Achterhook boogie
  Robert Long - This morning she still flew
  René Froger & Het Goede Doel - Everything can make a person happy
  Willeke Alberti - Being close
  Willy en Willeke Alberti - No one wants to leave his child alone
  Acda & De Munnik - Not or never been   (90's)
  André Hazes - My small boy
  Boudewijn de Groot - Evening
  Brigitte Kaandorp - Living without fear
  Clouseau - She walks by
  De Kast - A brand new day
  Fluitsma en Van Tijn - 15 Million people
  Gordon - I wish I still could be with you
  Guus Meeuwis - It is a night
  Hero - When I saw you
  Henk Westbroek - Even your name is beautiful
  Karin Bloemen - No longer a child
  Liesbeth List - Be in love with life
  Marco Borsato - Dreams are deceptive
  Marco Borsato en Trijntje Oosterhuis - World without you
  NUHR - Dreams
  Paul de Leeuw - I love you so
  Paul de Leeuw, Ruth Jacott - Stay with me
  Paul de Leeuw, Simone Kleinsma - Without you
  Piet Brakman - No other land
  Stef Bos - Daddy
  Toon Hermans - Springtime me
  Volumia - Hold me tight
  Benny Neyman and Beppie Kraft - My Maastricht   (2000's)
  Bløf - Dancing at the seaside
  Bløf - Everything is love
  Claudia de Breij - Can I stay with you
  Daniël Lohues - But as long as love will conquer
  Frans Bauer - Spend a moment with me
  Hermes House Band - Rotterdam
  Jan Smit - Lifelong friends for ever
  Jan Smit en Damaru - Garden in my heart
  Marco Borsato - She
  Nick & Simon - Just take my hand
  Toon Hermans - If there was no love in life
  Twarres - Where are you
  Veldhuis & Kemper - I wish I could be you
  Ali B - I only cry near you   (2010's)
  André Hazes jr. - Hey, old man
  André Hazes jr. - Live
  Angela Groothuizen - Nothing stays
  Daniël Lohues - In the countryside
  Davina Michelle - Takes too long
  Gers Pardoel - Come on, let's go
  Kenny B - Paris
  Lange Frans en Thé Lau - Sing for me
  Maaike Ouboter - That I miss you
  Metropole Orchestra - Worldwide orchestra
  Nielson and Sanne Hans - How
  Nielson - Sexy when I dance
  Racoon - Endless sea
  Suzan & Freek - When the night sets in
  3JS - So beautiful   (songs for special occasions)
  Allard en Huib - You are a king
  Brigitte Kaandorp - Dear Queen Beatrix
  Paul van Vliet - My heart will be orange for good
  Jan de Cler - Go, Holland, go
  André van Duin - Netherland has got the ball
  André Hazes - We love our Orange football team
  Toon Hermans - Mien, where is my clown nose
  Wim Kersten - A curtain with a flower print
  André van Duin - What's that, a horse in the hall
  Kinderen voor Kinderen - I dreamt so insanely tonight
  Kinderen voor Kinderen - On an uninhabited island
  Kinderen voor Kinderen - To the secondary school
  Kinderen voor Kinderen - Photo album
  Kinderen voor Kinderen - Girl group
  Kinderen voor Kinderen - The river Lek

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